Sushi Nakao

(restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Kitashinchi / )
Visit many visitor from overseas, please enjoy the sushi in the well-established store of Osaka Kitashinchi.
The sushi to cook with ingredients chosen from all over the country, such as Hokkaido and the Seto Inland Sea and Kyushu depending on the season, we have many fans visiting from abroad. Depending on the customer's preference, also offers courses cuisine to start from appetizer. Swimming squid, such as taste only in this shop cuisine is one of the fun. In the back there is also a private room, charter is also available if you book the day before. In well-established store to be representative of the Osaka Kitashinchi, Taste the excellent sushi in fully.
Halal compliance
No pork served
Alcohol has managed separately from other drinks
prepared a reserved private room
Photo & Introduce
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Shop Information
Shop name Sushi Nakao
Halal Authentication No
Homepage URL None
Telephone number 06-6342-1077
Address 1-2-5 Sonezaki-shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka
Nearest station 3 minutes from JR Kitashinchi station
Business hours Mon-Fri:17:30-2:00 Sat:17:30-23:00
Close Sunday
Budget Yes
Number of seats 18seats