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  • Nakhlistan

    (restaurant / Fusion cuisine / Osaka / Sannomiya)
    For both Muslim travelers and Muslim people living in Japan, we are happy to be of support for them to spend their comfortable Muslim life in Japan.
  • Japanese Restaurant Genji (Hilton Osaka)

    (restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Osaka)
  • Nouninbashi Kaminoza

    (restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Sakaisuji Honmachi)
    I'm preparing and am waiting the gallery space where the ceramic artist's work was made the center Japanese today and a dish of a creative total on the concept of "Japanese food" and "Japanese pottery" in KAMINOZA.
  • il desiderio ORTAGGIO

    (restaurant / Italian cuisine / Osaka / Umeda)
  • Japanese restaurant Benkay (Hotel Nikko Osaka)

    (restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Shinsaibashi)
  • ArAkA Kitahama

    (restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Kitahama)
    Grated yam baking of 100% yam fabric is very popular. Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka Kitahama!
  • Nepal cuisine kukuri

    (restaurant / Other asian cuisine / Osaka / Okurayama)
    Staff to learn the food culture on various provinces of Nepal every year. Nepalese and chai shops that can experience a taste of real Nepal.
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