Nepal cuisine kukuri

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Staff to learn the food culture on various provinces of Nepal every year. Nepalese and chai shops that can experience a taste of real Nepal.
Feel the Nepal of atmosphere in the spice and flavor, decoration and music of, the mood of the store you are a host of travel favorite person. Such as Nepal set meal "Chicken curry Barubato" or steamed dumplings "Momo", in addition to authentic taste you can enjoy. And at this shop, not only to the local spices, also original miscellaneous goods Nepal women make handmade sale. Such as Nepal of this also stocks, you can feel free to discuss even a trip to the local staff that discerning travelers.
Halal compliance
Vegetarian dishes available
English menu is available
Shop Information
Shop name Nepal cuisine kukuri
Halal Authentication No
Homepage URL None
Telephone number 078-360-8111
Address Shimogion cho, 39-14 Amsterdam Shimogion B1F,Hyogo-ku,Kobe,Hyogo
Nearest station 7 minutes from subway Yamate-line Okurayama station
Business hours Mon, Wed-Fri, festival the day before: 17:00 to next 0:00 (cuisine L.O. 23:30 drink L.O. 23:30) Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11:30 to 14:30 (cuisine L.O. 14:00 drink L.O. 14:00) 17:00 to next 0:00 (cuisine L.O. 23:30 drink L.O. 23:30)
Close Tuesday
Budget None
Number of seats 18seats