Nouninbashi Kaminoza

(restaurant / Japanese cuisine / Osaka / Sakaisuji Honmachi / )
I'm preparing and am waiting the gallery space where the ceramic artist's work was made the center Japanese today and a dish of a creative total on the concept of "Japanese food" and "Japanese pottery" in KAMINOZA.
I have a dish with the ingredients of a total by the capacity of the Japanese ceramics author. I receive mellow sake by avant-garde glass. Luxury which can be sensed only in Japan. I'm waiting for you at the space where you can enjoy hospitality of a total casually. Wouldn't you like to experience Japanese culture through a food and a container in KAMINOZA?
Halal compliance
Vegetarian dishes available
Pork has managed separately from other foodstuffs
Alcohol has managed separately from other drinks
A mark is being shown to a dish without the ingredients which are Haram such as pork and alcohol
Food ingredients are indicated
English menu is available
prepared space for worship
Photo & Introduce
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    The store is filled with mind of Japan.

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    Creative Japanese cuisine.

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    Rice and miso cooked in a clay pot.

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    Please enjoy Japanese pottery.

Shop Information
Shop name Nouninbashi Kaminoza
Halal Authentication No
Homepage URL
Telephone number 06-6942-7190
Address 3-1-25 Nouninbashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka prefecture
Nearest station Sakaisuji line Sakaisuji Honmachi Station No. 3 ⇒ 3 minute walk from the exit
Business hours Lunch 11:00〜14:00(L.0.13:30) Dinner 17:00〜23:00
Close Sunday
Budget ¥5,000
Number of seats 20seats