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Halal ramen. There are many women's addictive to taste plenty of thick chicken plain hot water potage.
Access convenient Kyoto Station near, here the taste ramen of carefully stewed chicken plain hot water the chicken. A thick soup with chicken gala of one bird worth chicken to 1 servings of soup, elasticity is there moderately of straight soup involving NakaFutoshimen, further homemade chicken rare pork is add the taste and refreshing. In addition to the classic chicken buckwheat, rich chicken soba, noodle, also chicken bowl standby. Halal certified, all of the menu is a corresponding halal. We also offer prayer room. Open a second shop in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in January this year.
Halal compliance
Muslim chef
No pork served
No alcohol served
English menu is available
prepared a reserved private room
prepared space for worship
Photo & Introduce
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    halal ramen

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    Meditation room

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    Tsukemen is also halal

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Shop Information
Shop name Ayam-ya
Halal Authentication Yes
Homepage URL None
Telephone number 075-344-1456
Address 2-1-11 Okatakonyamachi, Shimokyou-ku, Kyoto
Nearest station 7 minutes from Kyoto station
Business hours 11:00-14:30(14:00 L.O.)、18:00-22:00(21:30 L.O.)
Close None
Budget Meditation rooms(Each 1 room for men and women)
Number of seats 10seats